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Visit the Dentist with No Fear – What is Sedation Dentistry?

Even if you ask the best dentist in Florida, you’ll probably hear a few stories about patients that can’t relax in their dentist chairs. The Journal of Dental Hygiene notes that between 50% – 80% of adults in the United States demonstrate moderate to severe dental anxiety. For many people, the choice of going to […]

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Word to the Wise – 7 Tips to Recover from Wisdom Tooth Removal

The best dentists in Royal Palm Beach remove millions of wisdom teeth every year. Wisdom teeth are important parts of our mouths. If they’re so important, how come dentists remove so many of them a year? Well, the truth is that our mouths have changed a lot since human bodies developed wisdom teeth. Today, our […]


When would you guess it is that patients say “I should become a dentist!”? That’s right, when paying the bill. This is something the front-office staff hears every day.  They’ve got a library of comebacks, too. “Oh, you like to torture people, too?”, and, “So they’ll make fun of you in sitcoms and movies?”.  After […]


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Let’s borrow the idea of parallel worlds from science fiction. We’ll use it to illustrate the better and worse cases for the same dental emergency. In one world, the victim has a good outcome. In the parallel world, the “same” person with the same emergency has a poor outcome. The difference? One key decision. IT […]


When immediate treatment is needed to save a tooth, relieve severe pain, or stop oral bleeding, it is a dental emergency. A 2009 survey discovered that as many as one in six Americans find themselves in this unhappy situation each year, and noted that a great many people are unprepared to respond appropriately and effectively. […]

When Should You Visit an Emergency Dentist?

It’s important you know which dental problems require emergency treatment so you can act swiftly. Ignore the problem, and it could make it worse. You could even risk further damage to your teeth. There are the usual telltale signs that mean it’s time to make an appointment with an emergency dentist: severe tooth pain, a […]