A family dentist’s office is the go-to resource for every family member’s needs. From the earliest pediatric care for babies to geriatric issues of grandparents. Some situations, of course, require highly specialized treatments by dedicated specialists. Most people, however, will find all they need through family dental care in Royal Palm Beach.



Royal  Palm Beach families come in all shapes and sizes. We welcome all of them. We’re a family, too. A family of professionals who can provide expertise in all the dental specialties your family requires. That’s what’s unique about a family dentistry practice like Anderson Dental Royal Palm Beach.


A new family just getting started should choose a family dentistry practice and make it their dental home. Established families, new to the area or looking to make a change, also find a ready welcome at Anderson Dental. We’re accustomed to picking up where other dental professionals have left off.  If the transfer of dental records is called for, we have that covered.


Family dentistry is about relationships. The reality is that American families are mobile.   A family’s relationship with a dental practice may not be for life, but we treat every family as if it were.


A family’s relationship with a family dental practice ideally begins with the arrival of the first child. The child’s first visit to the dentist should be triggered by the eruption of his or her first tooth. By the first birthday, even if the first tooth has yet to appear. One reason for this timetable is the reality that where there’s a tooth, there’s the risk of tooth decay. That first visit is a chance for the dentist to examine and evaluate that first tooth. It tells a lot about the child’s dental future. It’s also the perfect opportunity to review and demonstrate infant oral hygiene for the parents. Yes, even one solitary tooth need cleaning! And so do Baby’s gums.


In addition, baby’s first visit to the dentist presents a larger challenge and opportunity. That first visit and the following early childhood visits establish a kid’s relationship with the dentist. And with the practice. Our staff and pediatric dentist know the life-long impact those visits can have on a child. And thus, on the adult’s later habits. A positive experience in early childhood keeps those dental phobias away. Regular checkups are so very important for lifelong dental health. Hence, comfort in the role of patient promotes good dental outcomes. The pediatric dentistry members of our team make sure every child’s introduction to dentistry is a welcoming one.



Every child should be evaluated by an orthodontist by age seven. Early identification of issues and potential issues opens the door to prompt action.  This is the way to better outcomes. A great feature of your Royal Palm Beach family dental care is the one-stop shopping. Our orthodontist is under the same roof as the pediatric dentist. This close coordination is tremendously valuable, in terms of convenience and also of delivery of care.


Orthodontics isn’t entirely about cosmetics. Where kids are concerned, the proper growth of the jaw is at stake. Overcrowding and misalignment of a child’s teeth can have consequences that go beyond his or her appearance. Appearance, in any case, is not a trivial matter for children and teens. It impacts self-esteem and socialization. As family dentists, we see our patients through all the stages of life. For that reason, we’re acutely aware of the ways that orthodontic issues affect personal growth and development.


There are now several ways to straighten teeth. Traditional “metal mouth” brackets are still effective. In fact, they’re the only effective approach for some issues. Ceramic, tooth-colored brackets are an option where personal appearance is a priority. They’re less conspicuous than metal. If the treatment challenges permit it, the Invisalign system with clear plastic removable “trays” is available. Invisalign isn’t appropriate for all types of orthodontic treatment challenges. However, in cases where it’s an effective solution, the benefits are outstanding. We custom-make the aligner trays, fitted by hi-tech digital scanning. Seated on a patient’s teeth, the trays are nearly invisible.  The trays apply gentle pressure to the teeth. As the patient’s teeth move into alignment, we make new trays that maintain the fit and keep up the pressure. Invisalign has been around for about 20 years now, and we’ve had great success and patient satisfaction with it.


Kids and adolescents are, of course,  the traditional orthodontics patients. More and more adults, though, are opting for treatment. And why not? The cosmetic benefits for self-confidence are well known. Kids and parents, it’s all under the family dental office’s one roof.


Adults, after all, have other dental concerns besides straight teeth.  There are other cosmetic issues that erode adults’ social comfort and confidence. We offer cosmetic dentistry solutions for discolored, chipped, pitted, and misshapen teeth, and more. Veneers and tooth whitening are on our menu. So are dental bonding, tooth contouring, and tooth reshaping.


Let’s face it, life takes its toll. Teeth are subject to wear and tear, and show it. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments roll that back as life goes forward. Cosmetic dentistry is no longer just for the rich, the famous, or the vain. Rather, it’s for anyone in the family who wants to look and feel his or her best. Smiles matter. We want to keep our families smiling.



Sometimes that wear and tear results in a dental emergency. This, to be sure, can happen to any family member, at any stage of life. Our Royal Palm Beach family dentist office is organized and ready to deal with dental emergencies when they should be: immediately. Immediate care can make a huge difference in the outcome of an emergency. Our values make it easy to call us right away in an emergency. Moreover, we don’t mind false alarms. We’d rather pick up the phone too often. Too often is much better than not often enough.


The outcome of some dental emergencies is, alas, a missing tooth. We lose teeth for many reasons, including trauma and advanced decay. Sometimes at this point a tooth is simply too far gone to restore. That’s when we think about dental implants. They’re an alternative to crowns or bridges. Implants look and feel like natural teeth. As a matter of fact, they’re better in some ways. No decay, for one thing. And no nerve to cause pain. Implants, though, feel like natural teeth. Things like speaking, chewing, and smiling return to what they once were. There are, moreover, health benefits from implants which further add to the quality of life. It’s normal to lose jaw bone mass after losing a tooth. Implants have a positive effect on bone retention and regrowth.


We at Anderson Dental Royal Palm Beach would love for your family to meet our family. We’re ready and able to provide the dental care all your family members need and deserve. We’re located in the heart of our community. Our community, likewise, is in our hearts. We look forward to meeting you and providing your family dental care as the years go by.